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Lunar and planetary aspects of the day 2016/08/24

R Waning Moon
Lunar aspects
08:07 R$T
14:07 R$V
15:39 R$S
23:42 R#Q
Planetary aspects
07:28 U!W

Upcoming ISAR 2016 Symposium

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Charlotte Benson - Predicting Times of Career Success

Status, recognition in profession, and ''good works done in the outer world'' are the business of the 10th house - the home of Karma. Observing the 10th lord, and other Karmasthana karakas; the condition of the Sun...

Hakan Kırkoğlu - Solar Returns and Profections in Mundane Astrology

Along with various predictive methods used in mundane astrology, the combined use of solar returns and profections gives astrologers powerful tools for yearly and monthly analysis.


Recent Posts

Here you can read about our top news stories and special articles from ISAR members. Each week we provide new information for our readers.

David Cochrane -  Astrology, Science, and Causality
David Cochrane - Astrology, Science, and Causality

Although we are surrounded by the fruits of science in our lives, from light bulbs and computers to modern medical treatments, our intuitive sense of what astrology is may be more accurate than our intuitive sense of what science is.

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Hakan Kırkoğlu - The Future China: China's next revolution 2012, part 1
Hakan Kırkoğlu - The Future China: China's next revolution 2012, part 1

About one-fifth of humanity lives in China, it is one of the most populous nation of the world. But until the 19th century, though in touch with the West, China followed her own path of history unaffected by Western contact.

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Oner Doser - Astrological Chart for 1453: The Conquest of Constantinople
Oner Doser - Astrological Chart for 1453: The Conquest of Constantinople

Let’s see the astrological aspects of that monumental event which shaped the history and caused crucial developments.

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ISAR Conference Recordings

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Greg Bogart - Astrology and Dreams
Greg Bogart - Astrology and Dreams

In this workshop you'll experience how astrology and dreamwork can be combined into a transformative spiritual practice. Dream symbols closely reflect our natal and transiting planets. We'll consider the meaning of dreams occurring during particular transits and progressions, and how planetary and dream archetypes manifest in waking life. Decoding the messages of dreams and transits together generates a potent broth of upsurgent feelings, pressing tasks, and energies rising within us in conscious response to change. 

Jodie Forrest - The Ascendant: Your Entry Vehicle
Jodie Forrest - The Ascendant: Your Entry Vehicle

The Sun is who you are, the Moon what you feel -- but what's the Ascendant? It's what you must embody, the territory you must cross, to be who you are and get what you need. In evolutionary astrology, it's the vehicle that drives the entire incarnation, and also the terrain you must explore and master during this lifetime. Your Ascendant is custom-designed, via its ruler, aspects and/or first house planets, for the territory you must navigate...


Astrology News Service

In association with ANS, we are pleased to post articles of interest on many different astrological topics from around the world.

An Astrologer’s Search for Truth and Meaning
An Astrologer’s Search for Truth and Meaning

What the world urgently needs today is a paradigm shift into a worldview that can restore meaning to our lives. I believe astrology has the power to restore a sense of meaning to our lives by reconnecting us with the universe. ​

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Arguments Between Astrologers and Skeptics Are Nothing New
Arguments Between Astrologers and Skeptics Are Nothing New

It seems that some folks are disposed to consider the possibility of astrology, divination, and what we generally call the paranormal, and some folks aren’t. 

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What Astrology Is – And Isn’t
What Astrology Is – And Isn’t

Many people actually think that astrology is the Sun-sign columns found in almost every newspaper and online news media sites.  That’s not astrology, that’s entertainment. So, what is astrology then?

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ISAR Webinars Recordings

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Marcia Ferreira Silva - Astrology and its correlation to Jung's analytical theory

This lecture will show how the dynamics of the psyche can be found in the Astrological chart. Jung's theory establishes important correlations with astrological configurations. We will learn about Persona, Shadow, Archetypes, Collective Unconscious, Anima and Animus. Then, under this perspective, we will analyze Freud and Jung's charts.

Christeen Skinner - Investment trends and Key Dates, 2013-2015

The aim of this presentation – which should be viewed as an introduction to financial astrology – is to leave attendees with ideas to explore further. Attendees will be given sufficient information to apply using regular astrological software together with access to financial charting data services such as Bloomberg or Yahoo.

Book Reviews

We are delighted to welcome readers to the ISAR Journal Book Review Archives by our book reviewers. We hope you will find these reviews helpful in your ongoing Astrological research and learning.

Book reviews

Journey through Astrology

Edited by Laura Andrikopoulos, Cat Cox and Carole Taylor

Shakespeare and the Stars

by Priscilla Costello

The Soul Speaks: The Therapeutic Potential of Astrology

by Mark Jones

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