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Lunar and planetary aspects of the day 2017/10/24

R Waxing Moon
Lunar aspects
07:56 R!W
12:46 R$X
23:15 R#U
Planetary aspects
11:57 S$Y

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David Cochrane - Classical Horary: The Magical Ornament in the Christmas Tree of Life
David Cochrane - Classical Horary: The Magical Ornament in the Christmas Tree of Life

In exploring many different astrological traditions and models in depth, I have found extraordinary points of agreement and interconnectedness among the ideas.

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Ms Pemo Theodore - The Cycles of Love…. and how they move us!
Ms Pemo Theodore - The Cycles of Love…. and how they move us!

The cycles of love or a relationship follow the cycles of life; the transitions guided by Mercury (Hermes) the messenger of the Greek gods, connecting everything through movement and cycles.

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Maureen Ambrose - T-Square Tribulations
Maureen Ambrose - T-Square Tribulations

Who ever said “Bless the Test” probably didn’t have an 8th
 house Sun apex Moon opposite Neptune T-square.

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Laura Nalbandian - Putting it Together: Foundations in Chart Synthesis
Laura Nalbandian - Putting it Together: Foundations in Chart Synthesis

You’ve learned all the keywords, memorized the archetypes and the planets and now for the difficult part – putting it all together. Synthesis is the “Art” part of astrology. In this lecture Laura will lay out a grounded methodology, putting planets in signs, houses and adding the dispositor’s placement.

Robert Corre - On Concurrence or Cooperating Causes (translated into Chinese)
Robert Corre - On Concurrence or Cooperating Causes (translated into Chinese)

Morin de Villefranche wrote that predictions often failed without taking into account what he termed “concurrent causes.” Examination of the natal makes known what events may occur over a lifetime; the question of when is known through various timing techniques. Morin emphasized giving precedence to primary directions over solar returns and transits. Reliable prognostication requires cooperation of the aforementioned techniques with the primaries. Lacking agreement among these separate causes, an event may not occur or could occur sooner or later than forecast.


Astrology News Service

In association with ANS, we are pleased to post articles of interest on many different astrological topics from around the world.

What Can We Truly Say About Twins?
What Can We Truly Say About Twins?

Do people born at the same time and place with the same astrological birth chart – whether biological or astrological twins – have the same personality traits and life course?

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Who Believes in Astrology?
Who Believes in Astrology?

No matter how you tweak it there doesn’t appear to be a simple answer to this question. Nicholas Campion describes his research and some conclusions he’s arrived at on the subject.

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Growing body of physical evidence supports astrology
Growing body of physical evidence supports astrology

“Never again,” said psychologist Vernon E. Clark, “will it be possible to dismiss the astrological technique as a vague, spooky and mystical business, or as the plaything of undisciplined psychics...''

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Aleksandar Imsiragic - Hermetic Astrology and Strings Between Incarnations

Everyone lives through three incarnations simultaneously at any moment. They are represented as three different lives that are most crucial for our development. Finding a way to unite them means liberation and represents the final goal of Hermetic Astrology. In this lecture we will define those three different incarnations we live all the time and also we'll describe a way to unite those different lives in order to create one real Cosmic Life, that represents our True Being.

Brad Kochunas - Astrology as Healing Fiction

Many astrologers believe astrology is closer to science and its siblings and that research should be accomplished. Other astrologers suggest that astrology is closer to the family of art and religion and is primarily about language and imagination. This webinar examines the reality of imagination and astrology as imaginal reality capable of enriching and deepening the mythmaking we use to give meaning to our lives. 

Book Reviews

We are delighted to welcome readers to the ISAR Journal Book Review Archives by our book reviewers. We hope you will find these reviews helpful in your ongoing Astrological research and learning.

Book reviews

The Soul Speaks: The Therapeutic Potential of Astrology

by Mark Jones

Under a Sacred Sky

by Ray Grasse

William Lilly's History of his Life and Times

by Wade Caves

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