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Karmic Integrations

Aleksandar Imsiragic

Saturday, January 20, 2018 EST (check your time zone)
Karmic Integrations
Karmic Integrations

On this webinar you will learn about…

  • The importance of previous life memories in form of different energies
  • Future life memories that activate your life purpose
  • Where is the identity of present life
  • The importance of the Moon and the Saturn
  • Case studies

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Aleksandar Imsiragic

Aleksandar Imsiragic is current President of International Society for Astrological Research (ISAR) and ISAR Education Director. Also, he is founder of the Johannes Kepler Astrological Institute in Belgrade, Serbia.

He has been an astrologer for more than 25 years, teaches meditation, has written 12 astrological books, and has organized annual...

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David Cochrane - The Value of Case Studies in Astrology
David Cochrane - The Value of Case Studies in Astrology

In a field like astrology where nothing has yet to be consistently and definitively verified, it is often a good idea to work gradually from gathering anecdotal evidence step-by-step.

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Joe Landwehr - The Case for Evolving a Non-Scientific Astrological Research Methodology
Joe Landwehr - The Case for Evolving a Non-Scientific Astrological Research Methodology

 In this article, I want to briefly outline a few key reasons why I believe the scientific model for research is inappropriate, and by implication, point toward an alternative path for the cultivation of astrological knowledge.

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Marcha Fox - Sedna, Inuit Goddess of the Sea
Marcha Fox - Sedna, Inuit Goddess of the Sea

Unlike the asteroids and planets that were named after the gods and goddesses of Roman and Greek mythology, Sedna is named after the Inuit goddess of the sea.

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Eric Meyers - Aspects and Awakening
Eric Meyers - Aspects and Awakening

What is the evolutionary purpose of the aspects? What do we learn through the interchange of Gemini square Pisces, or Taurus opposed Scorpio? This lecture will review the spiritual programs of every (major) aspect. Each sign actually connects with all of the others to reveal a striking template for our growth. We will also address the shadow possibilities if the spiritual curriculum is approached unconsciously.

Demetra George - Hellenistic Aspects and Trauma
Demetra George - Hellenistic Aspects and Trauma

Hellenistic astrologers enumerated seven kinds of aspect configurations that were indicative of severe planetary maltreatment. How can modern astrologers utilize this doctrine to identify sources of trauma in a person’s life, either from past lives, unconscious childhood memories, or painful adult experiences? How can an astrologer assess if the condition can be healed on its own with time, needs specialized therapeutic assistance, or remains as a core wound in the psyche?



Astrology News Service

In association with ANS, we are pleased to post articles of interest on many different astrological topics from around the world.

Venus Smiles on Another Royal Couple
Venus Smiles on Another Royal Couple

In an ongoing study Australian astrologer Paul Westran says he continues to find statistical support for the relational roles played by the Sun and planet Venus as they progress through the compared birth charts of couples. 

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The Gauquelin Controversy
The Gauquelin Controversy

Michel Gauquelin conclusively vindicates astrology’s fundamental premise: that there is a relationship between the planets’ positions at the moment of birth and the direction of individual lives.

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Science and Astrology: Two Blind Men Groping the Cosmic Elephant
Science and Astrology: Two Blind Men Groping the Cosmic Elephant

A new perspective on astrology arrived with the rise of the uncertainty principle, quantum physics, which also overturned some long-standing beliefs of Newtonian physics, or what some call “the old science.”

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Heather Roan Robbins - What does Intimacy mean to you?

“Intimacy” means something different to each person, and its map is woven in our charts. One with a Sun-Moon quincunx and Venus-Mars fixed square will clash with one who has a Venus-Mars sextile under a mutable New Moon; their family patterns and ways they seek and receive affection can run on skew lines. But if they can map their differences and learn each other’s intimacy-language, they may be the perfect healing medicine for one another. 

Lee Lehman - Choosing Horary over Other Tools

Horary is an incredible tool for answering specific questions. However, the dividing line of when to use horary, compared to other techniques such as natal, electional and mundane has often been surprisingly fluid. In the modern era, the choice has often been made depending on the relative comfort zone of the individual astrologer with regard to all these systems. In this lecture, which is for both horary specialists and horary newbies, Lee will examine these boundaries, and suggest guidelines that will help you make these distinctions.

Book Reviews

We are delighted to welcome readers to the ISAR Journal Book Review Archives by our book reviewers. We hope you will find these reviews helpful in your ongoing Astrological research and learning.

Book reviews

The Houses

by Deborah Houlding

Chiron and The Healing Journey

by Melanie Reinhart

The Book of the Moon

by Steven Forrest

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