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The Lunar Nodes “keys to chart interpretation”

David Railey

Sunday, March 18, 2018 08:00 PM EDT (check your time zone)
The Lunar Nodes “keys to chart interpretation”
The Lunar Nodes “keys to chart interpretation”

I began studying the Lunar Nodes in 1972 after coming across statements by Dane Rudhyar in his Astrology of Personality. I discovered that meaningful conversations could quickly develop with people when discussing their Lunar Nodes, often with a profound emotional or even spiritual response.  Throughout the 1970’s I explored the Lunar Nodes by sign, house, aspect and dispositor relationships.  It soon became apparent to me that the Lunar Nodes provided a basic framework of meaning within which a chart could be better understood – particularly in regards to the most basic themes and patterns in a person’s life.  In this lecture I will show how to use the Lunar Nodes in this way, using the charts of well know individuals and clients.  This work is based upon 40 years of full time practice.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

  • Why the Lunar Nodes are important, history, my 45 year background with studying and using the nodes.
  • Use by Sign and House, and dispositor chain, etc.
  • How to organize your chart preparation, including knowing what questions to explore with your client.
  • How to listen to the client through the filter of the Lunar Nodes.

Enhancing a client’s self-discovery and understanding of their life story. (Establishing a theme for future sessions, and to empower the client’s decision-making process.)

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David Railey

Full-time astrologer since 1976. Atlanta professional exam, AFA, and ISAR Competency Exam. Co-founded the Daily Planets Astrology Center with Jeff Jawer (1980). Served 4-years on the Atlanta Board of Astrology Examiners. Twice president of the Metro Atlanta Astrological Society. AFAN Steering Committee 2010 – 2014. PR media liaison with Shelley...

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Gary Noel - Psychology of the American Horoscope
Gary Noel - Psychology of the American Horoscope

Let us examine the events of July 4 closely and we will understand why respected historians like Julian P. Boyd, who, for most of his life, accepted Thomas Jefferson’s assertion that the Declaration was passed in the evening.

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Pinar Selcuk - A Genius Beyond Its Time: Al-Biruni
Pinar Selcuk - A Genius Beyond Its Time: Al-Biruni

There is no doubt that Biruni has elaborated on all preceding great astrologers’ works and have full command of “Hellenistic Astrological Knowledge”. 

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Joan Kendig - The Power of Beauty: Debussy and The Divine Feminine
Joan Kendig - The Power of Beauty: Debussy and The Divine Feminine

This article demonstrates that Debussy’s horoscope reflects his creative works replete with symbols of Venus in all her forms and with images of the Great Mother as the Earth, the Moon and the Sea.

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Nick Dagan Best - Venus and the Eight-Year Synodic Cycle
Nick Dagan Best - Venus and the Eight-Year Synodic Cycle

Venus is not only about love, pleasure, and beauty, but also lust, betrayal, corruption, disgrace, and conspiracy! The presentation examines the eight-year synodic cycle of Venus in history, particularly its five retrograde phases and their relationship with scandal.

Julene Packer-Louis - Vertex: Fate, Serendipity and Attraction
Julene Packer-Louis - Vertex: Fate, Serendipity and Attraction

The Vertex shows the people, things and events that happen through serendipity. Finding our Vertex theme sheds light on the less conscious principals behind what we attract and when. This lecture covers the science behind attraction and how to use the Vertex more consciously to attract what we want into our lives. It is an incredible timing tool for life’s monumental events and relationships. Many example charts with event and relationship timing will be used.


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Is Planet Earth Running Out of Time?
Is Planet Earth Running Out of Time?

Hawking’s sense of urgency is based on his growing concern that planet Earth has only about 600 human years left, or roughly about the amount of time that has elapsed between the Renaissance period and the Modern Era. 

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New Theory Outlines Possible Mechanism for Astrological Claims
New Theory Outlines Possible Mechanism for Astrological Claims

From his knowledge of natural laws on Earth and his interest in astrophysics and astrology, Tony Waterfall began to develop a celestial model that could account for planetary influences on Earth. 

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Health Editor Slams Astrology’s Critics
Health Editor Slams Astrology’s Critics

In this study, not only did the birth month impact personality, it also resulted in measurable functional changes in the brain.

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Zdenek Bohuslav - A Traditional Approach

The roots of astrological tradition can be found  in the earlier works of Dorotheus of Sidon, Vettius Valens, Claudios Ptolemy and others, but part of what is considered traditional astrology today, especially when emphasizing a more structured approach to delineation, is found in the later works of the 17th C. astrologer, J. B. Morin. We will illustrate his approach to essential and accidental dignities, the concept of accidental determinations, planets as significators and rulers of houses, and as pivotal causes in house combinations. 

Glenn Perry - The Birthchart as an Unfolding Story

Our astrological chart constitutes a life script, the plot of which we enact over and over in our daily lives. While the theme of one's life is often outside of conscious awareness and control, astrology provides a way of revealing, resolving, and remythologizing this drama. ​In this lecture, we will explore how aspects and planetary dispositorships expose the skeletal structure of one’s personal mythology. Emphasis is placed on how the life story is capable of being lived on successively higher levels of integration.

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by Karen Christino

The New Age in the Modern West

by Nicholas Campion

Life Choices: Using Astrology in the 21st Century
by Nancy L. Bahlman

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