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Upcoming ISAR 2016 Symposium

Take a look at new video announcements by the speakers of ISAR 2016 outlining their conference topics.


Sandra-Leigh Serio: Four Tools for Accurate Forecasting

There are four essential tools that have to be considered and integrated for successful forecasting results. This workshop will explain these techniques and use charts from case studies.

Michael Lutin - The Future of America and You

This is a stunning and early accurate probe into the coming political trends in the United States, and a look into your deepest personal issues and your future. 


Recent Posts

Here you can read about our top news stories and special articles from ISAR members. Each week we provide new information for our readers.

Alison Chester-Lambert - Makemake, Dwarf Planet and Great Sea Spirit of Easter Island
Alison Chester-Lambert - Makemake, Dwarf Planet and Great Sea Spirit of Easter Island

Easter Island is better known for what could NOT be destroyed and this has given us one of the biggest unsolved mysteries of our times. 

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David Cochrane - An Introduction to Astrological Research Methods
David Cochrane - An Introduction to Astrological Research Methods

This article is an attempt to introduce a few fundamental concepts in research methodology that are relevant to astrological research.

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Hakan Kırkoğlu - Rumi: an astrological portrait
Hakan Kırkoğlu - Rumi: an astrological portrait

If we look at contemporary astrological debate, we saw more focused on issues such as self-recognition or our place in the universe; We recognize that we also have the freedom to choose and so we create our own future.

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ISAR Conference Recordings

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Christine Arens - Working with Eclipses
Christine Arens - Working with Eclipses

This presentation will help you identify eclipse charts, as well as how to differentiate among the various types of solar and lunar eclipses. Material will include technical information as well as some historical documentation. Applications will include a review of current eclipses, as well as a few documented natal eclipse charts.

Sandra-Leigh Serio - The Vertex: Your Connection to Relationships
Sandra-Leigh Serio - The Vertex: Your Connection to Relationships

The Vertex, the so-called "third angle" in a birth chart, is a valuable tool in chart comparison and a powerful indicator of destined encounters. Its nature is best understood by viewing it through psychological and spiritual perspectives. This lecture will focus on all types of relationships, not just romantic ones, to see how the vertex connection brought people together and changed their lives, if they were willing to meet the challenge.


Astrology News Service

In association with ANS, we are pleased to post articles of interest on many different astrological topics from around the world.

2016 Election to Further Test Astrological Theory
2016 Election to Further Test Astrological Theory

Nina Gryphon presents her thoughts on how one of the most contentious elections in modern American history will play out. She doesn’t deliver the best of news for Republicans, but it could have been worse.

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Argentine Hospital Workshop Advances Therapeutic Astrology
Argentine Hospital Workshop Advances Therapeutic Astrology

Doctors in the Hospital Pirovano’s Barrial Mental Health Program in Buenos Aires, Argentina, are referring patients to a new therapeutic astrology workshop organized by staff therapist Claudia Rico.

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New Age Engines of Change
New Age Engines of Change

Two years after the discovery of the first outer planet, Uranus, which astrologers associate with innovation, explosion and revolution happened.

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ISAR Webinars Recordings

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Zdenek Bohuslav - A Traditional Approach

The roots of astrological tradition can be found  in the earlier works of Dorotheus of Sidon, Vettius Valens, Claudios Ptolemy and others, but part of what is considered traditional astrology today, especially when emphasizing a more structured approach to delineation, is found in the later works of the 17th C. astrologer, J. B. Morin. We will illustrate his approach to essential and accidental dignities, the concept of accidental determinations, planets as significators and rulers of houses, and as pivotal causes in house combinations. 

Glenn Perry - The Birthchart as an Unfolding Story

Our astrological chart constitutes a life script, the plot of which we enact over and over in our daily lives. While the theme of one's life is often outside of conscious awareness and control, astrology provides a way of revealing, resolving, and remythologizing this drama. ​In this lecture, we will explore how aspects and planetary dispositorships expose the skeletal structure of one’s personal mythology. Emphasis is placed on how the life story is capable of being lived on successively higher levels of integration.

Book Reviews

We are delighted to welcome readers to the ISAR Journal Book Review Archives by our book reviewers. We hope you will find these reviews helpful in your ongoing Astrological research and learning.

Book reviews

Astrolocality Astrology
by Martin Davis

Journey through Astrology

Edited by Laura Andrikopoulos, Cat Cox and Carole Taylor

Shakespeare and the Stars

by Priscilla Costello

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