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Upcomming StarClub Webinar

Karmic Integrations

Aleksandar Imsiragic

Saturday, January 20, 2018 EST (check your time zone)
Karmic Integrations
Karmic Integrations

On this webinar you will learn about…

  • The importance of previous life memories in form of different energies
  • Future life memories that activate your life purpose
  • Where is the identity of present life
  • The importance of the Moon and the Saturn
  • Case studies

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Aleksandar Imsiragic

Aleksandar Imsiragic is current President of International Society for Astrological Research (ISAR) and ISAR Education Director. Also, he is founder of the Johannes Kepler Astrological Institute in Belgrade, Serbia.

He has been an astrologer for more than 25 years, teaches meditation, has written 12 astrological books, and has organized annual...

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Here you can read about our top news stories and special articles from ISAR members. Each week we provide new information for our readers.

Ed Tamplin - Earthquakes and Astrology
Ed Tamplin - Earthquakes and Astrology

In looking for an astrological signature for earthquakes or volcanic eruptions, the positions of the planets should be constantly noted along with any phenomena that seems to connect the solar system to geophysical disturbances.

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David Cochrane - The Value of Case Studies in Astrology
David Cochrane - The Value of Case Studies in Astrology

In a field like astrology where nothing has yet to be consistently and definitively verified, it is often a good idea to work gradually from gathering anecdotal evidence step-by-step.

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Joe Landwehr - The Case for Evolving a Non-Scientific Astrological Research Methodology
Joe Landwehr - The Case for Evolving a Non-Scientific Astrological Research Methodology

 In this article, I want to briefly outline a few key reasons why I believe the scientific model for research is inappropriate, and by implication, point toward an alternative path for the cultivation of astrological knowledge.

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Frank Clifford - Spotlight on Success: Making the Most of your Midheaven
Frank Clifford - Spotlight on Success: Making the Most of your Midheaven

In this talk, Frank will offer new insights from his years of research into the MC. This much-neglected angle has much to say about our reputation and public image, and, as part of an axis, our parental messages and family inheritance. Astrologically, our MC complex reveals our personal definition of success and our deep-seated drives to make a societal/professional contribution. We gain recognition as we “follow our bliss” and adopt the roles described by it.

Eric Meyers - Aspects and Awakening
Eric Meyers - Aspects and Awakening

What is the evolutionary purpose of the aspects? What do we learn through the interchange of Gemini square Pisces, or Taurus opposed Scorpio? This lecture will review the spiritual programs of every (major) aspect. Each sign actually connects with all of the others to reveal a striking template for our growth. We will also address the shadow possibilities if the spiritual curriculum is approached unconsciously.


Astrology News Service

In association with ANS, we are pleased to post articles of interest on many different astrological topics from around the world.

Astrological Alignments Portend Tumultuous Times
Astrological Alignments Portend Tumultuous Times

Astrology is understanding cycles and knowing how to distinguish relevant themes from the noise.

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Venus Smiles on Another Royal Couple
Venus Smiles on Another Royal Couple

In an ongoing study Australian astrologer Paul Westran says he continues to find statistical support for the relational roles played by the Sun and planet Venus as they progress through the compared birth charts of couples. 

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The Gauquelin Controversy
The Gauquelin Controversy

Michel Gauquelin conclusively vindicates astrology’s fundamental premise: that there is a relationship between the planets’ positions at the moment of birth and the direction of individual lives.

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Lynda Hill - Using Sabian Symbols to Reveal Relationship Dynamics

Using the Sabian Symbols in relationship analysis is very revealing as they help bring issues to light in very clear, illuminating and useful ways. The Sabian Symbols are phrases that tell a story of each degree, and whether it is Venus or Mars, Mercury or the Sun, the Moon or the outer planets, all of the planets and points paint useful and sometimes astounding scenarios describing how people live out their lives, both as individuals and in relationships. Learning how to use the Symbols in relationship readings is a very useful addition to the astrologer's toolbox.

Chris McRae - Not All Eclipses Are Equal

Eclipses are an important part of our forecasting arsenal.  They are not all equal in force and effect which needs to be taken into account in applying to either our personal or mundane charts.  Many years of study has gone into this presentation.

Book Reviews

We are delighted to welcome readers to the ISAR Journal Book Review Archives by our book reviewers. We hope you will find these reviews helpful in your ongoing Astrological research and learning.

Book reviews

All The Sun Goes Round

by Reina James

The Houses

by Deborah Houlding

Chiron and The Healing Journey

by Melanie Reinhart

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