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Lunar and planetary aspects of the day 2018/04/27

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Upcoming StarClub Webinar

Energy Astrology

Dr. Lea Imsiragic

Friday, April 27, 2018 03:00 PM EDT (check your time zone)
Energy Astrology
Energy Astrology

Each chakra is connected with one planet in natal horoscope. Through the analyze of natal horoscopes with Energy Astrology it will be shown where and why we experience a problem in some areas of life (on emotional, mental and physical level or as life events) and how we can quickly understand them and unblocked them. You will learn to immediately apply this new technique on your horoscope and your client’s horoscope.


  • Learn about the Energy Astrology and how it will provide you insight into your inherited energy structure where each of the 10 chakras is connected with one of 10 planets and one’s primary emotions and emotional needs.
  • Discover how the Energy Astrology can help you to understand and scan your clients’ issues on the deepest level.
  • Change your perception once you connect your planets and your different spiritual lessons in the process of maturing your Soul.
  • Experience and learn energy exercises to consciously work on your challenging aspects trough your energy, so you can decide how your challenging aspects will play in your life.

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Dr. Lea Imsiragic

Dr. Lea Imsiragic is an M.Sci in magneto biology in the medical faculty. She is an ISAR CAP, and consulting skills trainer.

She combines knowledge from different fields with astrology. As an astrologer, Lea specializes in business astrology and Astro-medicine, and she is researching in the field of Astro-healing. She combines all her expertise...

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Here you can read about our top news stories and special articles from ISAR members. Each week we provide new information for our readers.

Isabel Guimarães - The Secret World of the Children
Isabel Guimarães - The Secret World of the Children

To be able to study the astrological chart of a child, we know that its approach is different than we use with an adult, especially in the use of techniques. So how do you help the parents on this route through astrology?

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Alison Chester-Lambert - Ceres, Mother Earth Goddess of Growing and Grieving
Alison Chester-Lambert - Ceres, Mother Earth Goddess of Growing and Grieving

If there is one reason for our lives here on earth, then it has to be that we should know and understand ourselves better.

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Penelope Sitter - Science, Art and Astrology
Penelope Sitter - Science, Art and Astrology

This paper focuses an aspect of what horoscopic astrology is and how it relates to art and science. Tradition, theory, and practice suggest that practice of the arts instills science. 

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Jeff Jawer - Creative Prediction
Jeff Jawer - Creative Prediction

Being able to accurately predict events has been the primary measuring stick of astrologers’ skills since Babylonian times. But our radically different modern culture offers many more choices about the ways in which we can live our charts. This workshop explores ways to look at transits and progressions as tools for consciously choosing and creating the future. It’s a shift from reacting to trends as external events to using them in more self-directed ways.

Marcia Ferreira Silva - Astrology and Analytical Psychology: A Correlation
Marcia Ferreira Silva - Astrology and Analytical Psychology: A Correlation

Exploring Jung's Analytical Psychology brings new light in our understanding of the human psyche. The correlation between Astrology and Jung's theory, also known as the Theory of Complexes, provides a deeper analysis in a natal chart reading. In this lecture, we will focus on a practical way to understand it - on the analysis of Jung's chart and some of his own personal complexes. We will see how this unfolded in his life and work through some extraordinary facts.


Astrology News Service

In association with ANS, we are pleased to post articles of interest on many different astrological topics from around the world.

World Health Organization Gains Surprising Ally
World Health Organization Gains Surprising Ally

The World Health Organization (WHO) has gained a surprising ally in its battle to coax obstetricians around the globe to plan fewer, unnecessary Caesarian (c-section) deliveries.

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What Time You Were Born?
What Time You Were Born?

Godbout describes a new automated software system he believes has the potential to revolutionize the way astrologers rectify individual birth charts in the future.

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Psychological Insights Redefining Astrology
Psychological Insights Redefining Astrology

A core tenet of AstroPsychology is that planets symbolize functions that are oriented toward satisfying the needs of the astrological signs they rule. Signs are motives; planets are their active agents.

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Lynda Hill - Using Sabian Symbols to Reveal Relationship Dynamics

Using the Sabian Symbols in relationship analysis is very revealing as they help bring issues to light in very clear, illuminating and useful ways. The Sabian Symbols are phrases that tell a story of each degree, and whether it is Venus or Mars, Mercury or the Sun, the Moon or the outer planets, all of the planets and points paint useful and sometimes astounding scenarios describing how people live out their lives, both as individuals and in relationships. Learning how to use the Symbols in relationship readings is a very useful addition to the astrologer's toolbox.

Chris McRae - Not All Eclipses Are Equal

Eclipses are an important part of our forecasting arsenal.  They are not all equal in force and effect which needs to be taken into account in applying to either our personal or mundane charts.  Many years of study has gone into this presentation.

Book Reviews

We are delighted to welcome readers to the ISAR Journal Book Review Archives by our book reviewers. We hope you will find these reviews helpful in your ongoing Astrological research and learning.

Book reviews
LifeCycles Astrology
by Jef Bartow

Signs & Seasons

by Amy Zerner and Monte Farber with Chef John Okas

The Astrological Moon

by Darby Costello

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