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Indian (Vedic) Astrology: What's in it for me?

Kenneth Miller

Sunday, November 18, 2018 03:00 PM EDT (check your time zone)
Indian (Vedic) Astrology: What's in it for me?
Indian (Vedic) Astrology: What's in it for me?

A comprehensive introduction and survey of Indian astrology. This is the only astrology that has been continually developed and fully embraced by a culture continuously for about 2000 years, without the transmission and translation issues that have plagued the West.

1. Learn a unique method for organizing Indian Astrology information so your Western astrology won't bleed through.
2. Learn how the two zodiacs are meaningful and complimentary within each system, Indian and Western.
3. Learn techniques that can be easily brought over to your Western charts.
4. Understand the history and development of Indian Astrology, and it's impact on the West.
5. If you are curious about what Indian Astrology is all about and if it is something you might want to study further then this is the class for you!
6. Learn how to see the entire chart as a map of your karmas in this life. Don't believe in karma? Then Indian astrology also has something for you!

This is comprehensive survey of what Indian astrology is all about, how it differs in approach from Western astrology and how you can practice it successfully without being a Hind

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Kenneth Miller

Kenneth D. Miller, MA, is a practicing astrologer in San Diego, California, USA. He received his Master’s Degree (History of Astrology) from Kepler College. He holds the title of Jyotish Kovid from the Council of Vedic Astrology. In addition Kenneth has made a study of Hellenistic, Medieval, Renaissance, and Modern astrologies. He is one of the...

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Gaye Alkan - Aristotle's ''Hamartia'' in the charts
Gaye Alkan - Aristotle's ''Hamartia'' in the charts

The knowledge of the universe is whole. There are many disciplines that are nourished by the same resources: such as Philosophy, Astrology, Art.


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Michael Munkasey - Finding Ego (part 2)
Michael Munkasey - Finding Ego (part 2)

The ASC is your projected image, the projection of your personal self. It is through your ASC that you project how you want to react to life.

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Oner Doser - Reformation of Religion and Spiritual Awakenin
Oner Doser - Reformation of Religion and Spiritual Awakenin

Following the Jupiter ingress in Sagittarius on November 8, 2018, we will be gaining greater visions and concepts related to religions, beliefs, philosophies and our views of life. 

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Gisele Terry - Forecasting Critical Times of Change with Secondary Progressions
Gisele Terry - Forecasting Critical Times of Change with Secondary Progressions

Gisele Terry is going to explain the best way that she forecasts with the secondary progressions. This is a brand new lecture that was on the ISAR 2016 Conference, take a look! 

Katarina Campagnola - Using the dial in natal and predictive astrology
Katarina Campagnola - Using the dial in natal and predictive astrology

This lecture is on Cosmobiology and the 90 degree dial. It covers the basics of Cosmobiology and how to use the dial and midpoints in natal and predictive astrological work. It touches upon progressions, how they indicate important life themes easily shown in the dial, and how one can use a graphical ephemeris to get a quick overview of the transits for the year.


Astrology News Service

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The Greatest Gift Astrology Can Offer?
The Greatest Gift Astrology Can Offer?

Astrologer Steven Forrest says supportive insights can be found hiding in plain sight in a birth chart. 

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The Lost Secrets Of Renaissance Medicine
The Lost Secrets Of Renaissance Medicine

The Renaissance was an extraordinary period where nascent science and ancient techniques walked hand in hand. Until 1666, aspiring physicians were required to pass their astrology exams to obtain medical licenses. 

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You Won’t Read This in Your History Books!
You Won’t Read This in Your History Books!

Franklin and Jefferson were into astrology and strongly believed the country needed to pick the best possible time for declaring its intentions.

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Zdenek Bohuslav - A Traditional Approach

The roots of astrological tradition can be found  in the earlier works of Dorotheus of Sidon, Vettius Valens, Claudios Ptolemy and others, but part of what is considered traditional astrology today, especially when emphasizing a more structured approach to delineation, is found in the later works of the 17th C. astrologer, J. B. Morin. We will illustrate his approach to essential and accidental dignities, the concept of accidental determinations, planets as significators and rulers of houses, and as pivotal causes in house combinations. 

Marcia Ferreira Silva - Astrology and its correlation to Jung's analytical theory

This lecture will show how the dynamics of the psyche can be found in the Astrological chart. Jung's theory establishes important correlations with astrological configurations. We will learn about Persona, Shadow, Archetypes, Collective Unconscious, Anima and Animus. Then, under this perspective, we will analyze Freud and Jung's charts.

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Book reviews

Hermetica Triptycha 

by Gary P. Caton 

Mutual Reception 

by Alan Annand

Western Sidereal Astrology for Beginners
by John Savarese

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