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Lunar and planetary aspects of the day 2017/03/26

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Barbara Hamilton - Wherever You Go…
Barbara Hamilton - Wherever You Go…

It’s been said that most people approach life seeking to avoid pain and suffering. Well, good luck to us all in that mission impossible! I have a feeling that fighting a few windmills may have better odds.

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Alan R. Wheatcroft - Chiron: The Key to Self-Mastery
Alan R. Wheatcroft - Chiron: The Key to Self-Mastery

Chiron’s purpose is to consolidate our cognitive abilities; thus it guides us along that disconcerting path that implies enhanced mental discipline. Through Chiron we learn to overcome our inner fears.

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Alan R. Wheatcroft - Oscar Pistorius: A Fallen Hero
Alan R. Wheatcroft - Oscar Pistorius: A Fallen Hero

The aim of this article is to examine the planetary components in the natal chart of the athlete Oscar Pistorius that triggered the unfortunate shooting of his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp.

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Chris Brennan - Timing Peaks and Transitions in Your Career and Life Direction
Chris Brennan - Timing Peaks and Transitions in Your Career and Life Direction

Chris Brennan talking about timing techniques and transitions in your carrier and life directions. This is a new lecture from the ISAR 2016 Conference.

Armand Diaz - Separating Aspects: The Astrology of Breakups and Other Partings
Armand Diaz - Separating Aspects: The Astrology of Breakups and Other Partings

Armand Diaz talking about astrology of breakups. Have a look at few minutes from his lecture that was presented on the ISAR 2016 Conference. 


Astrology News Service

In association with ANS, we are pleased to post articles of interest on many different astrological topics from around the world.

Pluto’s Status Questioned by Planetary Scientists
Pluto’s Status Questioned by Planetary Scientists

No matter how it may have looked to some observers, the team of scientific investigators seriously argued that Pluto and other bodies in the solar system – including the moon- should be upgraded to planetary status as well. 

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Increased Volatility New Norm for Stocks in 2017
Increased Volatility New Norm for Stocks in 2017

If you thought the financial markets were volatile in 2016 wait until this year. Financial astrologer advises investors to brace for a more daunting challenge in the year ahead.

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The Volatile Connection Between Redheads and Mars
The Volatile Connection Between Redheads and Mars

Professional astrologers have long believed they know where this fiery archetypal energy is coming from. That would be the red planet Mars, a fiercely competitive and combative source of combustible celestial energy. 

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Heather Roan Robbins - What does Intimacy mean to you?

“Intimacy” means something different to each person, and its map is woven in our charts. One with a Sun-Moon quincunx and Venus-Mars fixed square will clash with one who has a Venus-Mars sextile under a mutable New Moon; their family patterns and ways they seek and receive affection can run on skew lines. But if they can map their differences and learn each other’s intimacy-language, they may be the perfect healing medicine for one another. 

Lee Lehman - Choosing Horary over Other Tools

Horary is an incredible tool for answering specific questions. However, the dividing line of when to use horary, compared to other techniques such as natal, electional and mundane has often been surprisingly fluid. In the modern era, the choice has often been made depending on the relative comfort zone of the individual astrologer with regard to all these systems. In this lecture, which is for both horary specialists and horary newbies, Lee will examine these boundaries, and suggest guidelines that will help you make these distinctions.

Book Reviews

We are delighted to welcome readers to the ISAR Journal Book Review Archives by our book reviewers. We hope you will find these reviews helpful in your ongoing Astrological research and learning.

Book reviews

Under a Sacred Sky

by Ray Grasse

William Lilly's History of his Life and Times

by Wade Caves

The Wisdom of Astronumerology

​by Samantha I. Samuels

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