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Gisele Terry:  The Progressed Moon, Sensor of the Zodiac

Michael Lutin:  Ten Steps to Spot-On Prediction

Armand Diaz:  Predicting Social Trends

Lea Imsiragic:  Energy astrology – heal your horoscope

Robert Corre: Improving interpretation skills through structure and work habit* (Chinese translation)


PRE-SYMPOSIUM WORKSHOPS, Thursday 13th - 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Gisele Terry:  Emerald 1

The Progressed Moon, Sensor of the Zodiac

As it travels through the signs of the zodiac the progressed moon represents cyclical and progressive development from infancy throughout adulthood. Attendees will learn how to enter astrological consultations through the secondary progressed moon and its aspect patterns and how new meanings of the moon’s placements can resonate so strongly with clients’ emotional experiences.  Audiotapes of astrological consultations will illustrate the importance of the progressed moon in depicting the developmental trajectory of each person's life.

Michael Lutin:  Emerald II

Ten Steps to Spot-on Prediction

Practical tools for mastering the art of astrological forecasting. Everybody wants to know the future. When will it happen , how long does it last,  is it good or bad? People need useful answers to complex questions they sometimes don't even know they are asking. We will define and develop all the methods  to  understand the mysterious.  Relationship between the past, present and future. This is an interactional workshop so bring charts.  Valuable for all levels

Armand Diaz:  Emerald III

Predicting Social Trends

From pet rocks to legalization of cannabis, we all ride through a swirling array of surface fads and deeper social changes. Can these trends be predicted with any degree of certainty in a complex, multifaceted, and multileveled world? Within reason, the answer is yes and astrologers have the tools to see the direction in which the collective consciousness is trending. In this workshop, we’ll look at the past, present, and future as we learn how to see what’s coming down the pike in society. We’ll also use astrolocality to see not only when but where particular trends might take root.

Lee Imsiragic:  Balboa II

Energy Astrology - Become Astro Therapists

Each chakra is connected with one planet in natal horoscope. Through the analyze of natal horoscopes and chakra horoscope it will be shown where and why we experience a problem in some areas of life (on emotional, mental and physical level or as life events) and how we can quickly understand them and unblocked them, through practical advice and techniques. We will learn to immediately apply this new technique, so bring your horoscopes with you!

Robert Corre: Fountain Terrace*

Improving Interpretation Skills through Structure and Work Habit

The primary obstacle to effective horoscope delineation is appreciating that a chart contains too much information. Unless trained otherwise, this complex of information hinders interpretation. This workshop illustrates how a systematic approach used consistently leads to a managed and organized chart inspection which begins with a comprehensive examination of the Ascendant. But a complete and rewarding evaluation requires that the astrologer perform this same appraisal on the Midheaven, Moon, and Sun that ends with a final observation of any additional noteworthy factors. * This class will be translated simultaneously from English into Chinese.


7:45 PM         Opening (World Music – Richard Hardy and Hanny Nasser)



Emcees: Shelley Ackerman and Ray Merriman. Panelists: Nick Dagan Best, Edith Hathaway, Aleksandar Imsiragic, Hakan Kirkiglou, Ema Kurant, and Christeen Skinner

9:30 PM         Ice Crème social