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Day 3 - Schedule




SESSION #5    9:30 - 10:45

Track #1          Room: Emerald #1

J. Lee Lehman: Lifetime Solar Returns

The lifetime solar return method either looks at an entire life's worth of solar returns or at a series of consecutive solar returns. This method is used to examine the themes that the Native will experience over the course of a series of consecutive years.

Track #2          Room: Emerald #2

Gloria Star

First Meeting: What this Moment Defines about a Relationship

Whether from careful planning or occurring by fate, that moment of first introduction can tell a fascinating story about a relationship. Using chart examples, we'll explore the ramifications of the astrological chart of the first meeting, and determine how to use this information to better understand the nature and potentials of that relationship. We'll also use charts from the class (for those willing to share!). 

Track #3          Room:  Emerald #3

Christeen Skinner: The Astro-psychology of Wealth and Wealth Management

This talk considers the significators of wealth in a horoscope and the personal financial rhythms imprinted at birth. Through progressions, directions and transit activity, attitudes are altered and develop. The consultant astrologer can be a useful financial advisor as clients negotiate planetary cycles. In this talk, emphasis will be placed on the formidable planetary pictures of 2020, and thoughts will be offered as to how these financial rapids might be negotiated.

Track #4          Room:  Balboa #2

Diane Ronngren: Transiting Lunar Nodes, Lunar Node Cycles, and Lunar Node Returns

Quickly and easily identify individual personal growth patterns. Transiting lunar nodes help target current and future trends to maximize personal growth and satisfaction, benefit from a greater understanding of relationships, and achieve success! Understanding lunar node returns and cycles brings opportunities to consciously learn from and respond to the rhythms of our lives, to create rich memories and relationships, and to nurture our hunger for belonging and accomplishment.

Track #5          Room:  Balboa #1

Georgia Stathis: Eclipses, Solar Arcs and Synodic Cycles.

When a client asks for a forecast on a trading trend or an economic cycle, one has to zoom into the chart immediately to get to the heart of the question. There are many doorways in and with just a few techniques, the astrologer can pinpoint a timeframe that bears watching. Using Solar Arcs, eclipses, and synodics are just a few techniques explored in this lecture.

Track #6    Room:   Laguna Beach

Christina Collins:  Forecasting with Vedic (Jyotish)Timing Systems Dasas and Gochara (Transits)

Unique to the Vedic system of forecasting, Vimshottari Dasa tells us when a particular planet “activates.” Or simply put, when a planet gets its turn to play its card.  Observation of dasas in operation during an election - or a horse race prasna, when the gate opens -- along with the chart of the time the polls close in California for a Presidential election, can determine a predictable outcome.  We can accurately forecast the trends and experiences that will happen in your life, and when they are likely to occur, by combining dasas and transits.



SESSION #6   11:15 - 12:30

Track #1          Room:  Emerald #1

Michael Lutin: The Future of America and Your Private Life

With the help of foolproof and alarmingly simple methods of prediction through the house of the Rising Sign Planetary Recurrence, we promise insight into the past, a stunning and eerily accurate probe into the coming political trends in the United States, and a look into your deepest personal issues and your future


Track #2          Room:  Balboa #2

Kelly Surtees: 2 Forecasting Critical Points in Relationship

Which planets represent relationships in a chart? Hint: They are different for everyone! After a quick survey of the natal chart to determine which planets are running the relationship show, we’ll dive in and explore how predictive events to do with transits, progressions and firdaria describe the highs and lows in love. When will love prospects improve? When might relationship opportunities be hindered? A combination of well-known and client examples will be used to illustrate the ideas presented.

Track #3          Room:  Emerald #2

Lynn Bell: A Time for Spell-breaking: Unbinding Difficult Patterns

At what moment do lifelong difficult patterns find release? Are there times we can wake up from a spell that has kept us stuck somewhere we would rather not be? We will see how the transits of slow moving planets to natal Saturn play a key role in moments of liberation, as well as factors in the progressed horoscope. While some behaviors can be changed or adapted at many junctures, others can only be unbound at certain precise times.

Track #4          Room:  Balboa #1

David Cochrane: Times of Crisis: Accidents and Unexpected Upheavals

Often we think of the planet Uranus when we think of unexpected upheavals, and we may think of Mars-Uranus with accidents. But does Uranus cross an angular house cusp or aspect an inner planet by transit or progression when our life takes a sudden unexpected turn? In a study of dozens of cases of accidents, traumatic events, and tragedy we found that Uranus is indeed prominent and Mars-Uranus combinations are common but in ways we might not have expected!

Track #5          Room:  Emerald #3

Raymond Merriman: Correlations Between Financial Astrology Indicators, Financial

Markets, and the USA Presidential Election Cycles

Is there a correspondence between USA Presidential Election Cycle and financial markets like the U.S. stock market, the U.S. Dollar, and Gold prices? Is there an astrological correlation to these political and financial markets cycles? This presentation will show studies that suggest there is, and projects what it says about the 2016 USA election.

Track #6    Room:  Laguna Beach

Komilla Sutton: Dealing with Major Transformations when Maha Dasha changes – ISAR 2016

A key time of change is when one Maha Dasha comes to an end. End of Dashas are known as Chidra dasha. Chidra means faults or holes. Like a cloth that is well worn may have holes in it, the dasha as it ends is full of holes and an unprepared person may fall through them. We need to understand the last bhuktis of the planets and the next dasha. In this lecture, Komilla will talk about these transition times and how to work with them successfully



Luncheon        Room: Emerald II

Marie Schoeppel:  China 2019: Similarities to the 1997 Asian Currency Crisis

Learn to recognize the three major indicators of a debt/currency crisis in a specific country. Using secondary progressions, transits and eclipse points, Marie Schoeppel’s research pinpoints a specific time period when China will undergo the same influences that impacted Thailand, Indonesia, South Korea and Russia in 1997-98. For those who use astrology to trade the markets, this crisis in China offers the trading opportunity of a lifetime.

Luncheon        Room: Emerald III

Rachel Lang:  Prescription vs. Prediction: How Can you Run a Prediction off its Most Likely Course?

Chart advancement techniques help us identify forecasts for life circumstances and events. However, we participate in a co-creative process with the potentiality represented in our charts; therefore, each transit or progression symbolizes an entire spectrum of possibilities. How can you help empower a client to shape his or her future? This talk provides a step-by-step process to empower clients by focusing on solutions and exploring overall soul growth themes.

Luncheon        Room: Balboa I

Patrick Watson:  Little Lots and Arabic Parts: Big Differences in Similar Charts

Are you tired of people asking how astrology can account for the minor and major differences between twins born minutes apart? Twins pose interesting challenges and opportunities for the understanding and practice of astrology. In this presentation you will learn about the practical use of Lots (Arabic Parts) and Zodiacal Releasing to explore and explain subtle and substantial distinctions between the lives and personalities of twins through close examination of several celebrity twin natal charts

Luncheon        Room: Balboa II

Julia Williams:  Synergistic Modalities: Predictive Astrology and Esoteric Predictive Dowsing

Basic dowsing techniques will be explained and demonstrated with free charts and a dowsing tool. Predictive dowsing involves identifying a future event as to which level of manifestation is present on a 1-10 scale from a catalyst forming to gaseous, to etheric to physical. How this applies to astrology involves the use of the 360° chart, the Twelve Signs and Planetary Aspects. Causative factors correlating to spiritual refinement are also reviewed and applied.

SESSION #7    2:30 - 3:45 PM

Track #1          Room:  Emerald #2

Richard Smoot: Life in the Fast Lane: Outer Planets on the Angles

Transiting Uranus, Neptune or Pluto across the angles can be an indicator of our clients’ possible life-changing trends. Yet, how our clients experience these trends is their affair and a tricky business for the consulting astrologer. How do we counsel? Will it be an awakening, enlightenment, or a transformational experience? Let’s look at the possibilities in our own charts in this interactive lecture.

Track #2          Room:  Balboa #2

Margaret Gray: Recognizing, Nurturing and Expanding a Soulful Intimate Partnership

How can we as astrologers assist couples to attain a greater understanding of the most expansive version of the soul purpose of their relationship? What are some helpful key requirements as individuals and as a couple that can facilitate the recognition, nurturing and expansion of their soulful relationship? What might be some of the critical junctures in terms of the psychological and soul development of each partner and of the relationship itself? How can we help couples navigate these times in a growth enhancing way?

Track #3          Room:  Emerald #1

Mark Jones: Can We Predict Crisis or Transformation in Our Client's Lives?

This talk explores whether it is possible to forecast if a client will experience real growth or descend into crisis. It will explore key signatures in the natal chart alongside critical transits and progressions to illustrate and explain the issues involved. Mark draws on his experience as both a psychotherapist and astrologer, using detailed client examples, to provide a working model as to how this difficult question could be approached.

Track #4          Room:  Balboa #1

Lea Imsiragic: Pluto and 8th House Transits - Forever Young

Transits that activate Pluto and the 8th house in our horoscope are messages from our underworld or urge for change and grow. Much like Pluto itself, our 8th house elements are hidden from everyday perception. So every time when they become activated by transits, we have amazing opportunity in our life to renew on all levels. You will learn and experience a new practical knowledge as never before.

Track #5          Room:  Emerald #3

Nina Gryphon: Kingmaking: Predicting the Next U.S. President

Find out who will win the 2016 U.S. elections and learn to predict the next President using astrology. Nina Gryphon shares her detailed research of U.S. Presidential elections since 1880.

Track #6    Room Laguna Beach

Edith Hathaway: Predicting US Presidential Elections

Edith’s strong track record in this arena speaks for itself. She presents some of her winning and original strategies for assessing and predicting the U.S. Presidential Elections, including the 20-year Jupiter-Saturn cycles, Jupiter and Saturn orbital cycles, and combinations of transits, cycles and planetary stations or ingress charts for Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu.  These are combined with charts and dashas of 2016 presidential candidates. 

4:15     Pacific Ballroom I     ISAR MEMBERSHIP MEETING 

Come and join the ISAR board to hear about what ISAR is doing and will be doing in the next few years. Meet the ISAR board, candidates for the election of new board members that will soon take place, our Chinese delegates, and our new ISAR “angels.” Plus, join us in honoring those rare individuals who have contributed so much to ISAR over the years. If you have an interest in sharing ideas with ISAR, or just to see what is new and exciting with ISAR, and meet other ISAR members and directors, this is the meeting to do that!

6:30     Cash Bar - Catalina Ballroom

7:30     ISAR Banquet and Awards Night, and Dance with Shakti Tribe