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Day 4 - Schedule




SESSION #8   10:00 - 11:15 AM

Track #1          Room:  Balboa #1

Ema Kurent: The Effective Use of Eclipses in Personal Prediction

Solar and lunar eclipses have long been overlooked, although they are an ancient astrological technique. Throughout the 20th century, they were mainly used by mundane astrologers, but in recent years they are getting their deserved place in personal forecasting. They are not easy, but when properly understood and carefully delineated, they reveal fascinating facts about the enfoldment of our lives and our destiny. Theory is supported by interesting cases from my files.

Track #2          Room:  Balboa #2

Arielle Guttman: Forecasting with the Venus Star

We all know Venus as the planet of love, but there is so much more to this intriguing planet. The transiting Star Points of Venus can give precise timing on important life events.

Track #3          Room:  Emerald #2

Chris Brennan: Timing Peaks and Transitions in Your Career and Life Direction

Learn how to time peak periods and transitions in a person’s career and life direction by using an ancient timing technique known as Zodiacal Releasing. This technique was only recently rediscovered through the translation of a 2nd century text, and it is quickly becoming recognized as one of the most powerful and effective predictive techniques available today. Learn how to use the technique to determine high and low points in one's career, as well as periods in which job changes are more likely.

Track #4          Room:  Emerald #1

Rick Levine: Passive Prediction versus Active Co-creation

Making accurate predictions may temporarily satisfy the astrologer’s ego, but it’s not the most effective use of our craft. Informing clients of future events is delicate business because observed events have different trajectories than those not seen. When discussing cosmic patterns, our words carry more power than we realize. We can use the knowledge of the past to shift the dynamics of the present moment. Explore the techniques to evolve our forecasting model from describing future events toward participating with the process of personal development.

Track #5          Room:  Emerald #3

Hakan Kirkoglu: Solar Returns and Profections in Mundane Astrology

Along with various predictive methods used in mundane astrology, the combined use of solar returns and profections gives astrologers powerful tools for yearly and monthly analysis. As an astrologer closely watching mundane events for years, I would say that application of return charts and profections has practical and solid results. In this lecture, I’m going to illustrate various examples on different historical settings.

Track #6    Room Laguna Beach

Dennis Harness: Shani - Spiritual Emergence or Emergency

The transits of Saturn as well of dashas (planetary periods are activators of our karmic conditions in this life as well as possible lessons from other incarnations. We will explore Saturn's transits over natal planets and Sade Sati (7/12 year cycle related to your natal Moon.Special emphasis will be placed on Shani's dasha and bhukti (sub-periods) activating one's karmic unfoldment. Saturn is a planet of truth or consequences....misery or moksha.  The choice is ours!



SESSION #9   11:45 - 1:00

Track #1          Michelle Gould:  Balboa #1

Michelle Gould: The Lotus Unfolds: Your Personal Story Arc

The secondary progressed moon and sun can tell us much about the shape of a life and the timing of its unfolding. Over the course of a lifetime, our progressed sun moves through only a few natal houses and we experience an average of three secondary progressed new moons. Mapping this timing can provide profound insight into your personal journey. Join me to learn how to create your own personal road map: appreciate the distance you've come, take stock of the current juncture, and anticipate the road you've yet to travel.

Track #2          Room:  Balboa #2

Daniel Giamario: Pluto and Saturn Transits to Venus and Mars - The Necessity for Wholeness

The major transits of Pluto and Saturn transits to Venus and Mars are among the most challenging times for relationships. Certainly these cycles include limitations and separations, irrational events and chaos. However, their main contribution is to compel psychological and spiritual wholeness, the Inner Sacred Marriage Process. Having gained a measure of wholeness, then the relationship adds wholeness, rather than being a pursuit of an illusory other.

Track #3          Room:  Emerald #3

Tony Howard: Out of Bound Planets:  Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars

We'll explore the little-used topic of declination to learn how the out of bounds signature alters our understanding of the Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars. Each of these planets can be "out of bounds," which means they have a declination that is beyond that set by the Sun. Out of bounds planets operate beyond the Sun's jurisdiction, thus coloring their behavior. We'll use many eye-opening chart examples to learn how to predict behavior using this powerful easy-to-use technique.

Track#4           Room:  Emerald #2

Aleksandar Imsiragic: Karmic Progressions

Time is a circular, or - spiral. So, past or future events defined in the Time Spiral, even far on from now, are always connected with us through strings between incarnations, and therefore significantly influence the life that we live now. Especially, events that were happening in previous incarnations represent cornerstones in one’s current destiny. Defining those events in time and even space, allows us to be in touch with the energy vortex of one’s karma, and transform potential negativity that we may be carrying in our memory.

Track #5          Shelley Ackerman:  Emerald #1

Shelley Ackerman: January 20, 2017: The New U.S. President's Term - Seeing Our Way Clear to 2020.

The USA Constitution states that the president elect takes office at noon on January 20 following the November election. What does the swearing in chart of 1/20/17 tell us about the next four years? In addition to the chart's Scorpio Moon, we will explore the Uranus-return of FDR's New Deal, The Saturn/Pluto Meet-up in Capricorn, the Venus/Mars square to Saturn, & other chart highlights.

Track #6    Room:  Laguna Beach

Joni Patry: The Secrets to Prediction - How to Predict World Events:

The cycles of planets, aspects, and retrogrades determine the economy, social crises, and natural disasters.  Knowing how these cycles work can show us how to predict war and destruction, global disease, earth quakes, assassinations, airline crashes and terrorist attacks. This class is about cycles - no matter if you use Western or Vedic astrology, they are the same. 



Luncheon        Room: Balboa I

Alia Wesala:  Astrology for Sociocultural Change

What does it mean for us that forecasting seems to work? What are the implications on both a personal and sociocultural level? How might accepting astrology's predictive power lead us to approach our lives differently? Furthermore, on a collective level, how might the world be helped by embracing an astrological paradigm? In this talk, we will reflect on how working from an astrological perspective can contribute to both personal resilience and collective change. 

Luncheon        Room:  Balboa II

Nadiya Shah:  Transits to the Moon:  When your feelings change

Nadiya Shah Exploring times of emotional upheaval, growth, and evolution marked by outer planet transits to the Moon.

Luncheon        Room:  Emerald II

Manda Selva:  Astrological Midpoint Research

I’ve been researching astrological midpoints for the past several years.  Some of my research includes the study of Jupiter Uranus midpoints related to lottery winners, and Mars Uranus midpoints in school shootings.  oth these studies resulted in significant findings that stress the relevance of this technique in mainstream astrology.  There is a fascinating tie in between transiting midpoints and natal angles or vica versa during important events.  I’ve presented some of my findings on midpoints at the NCGR Research Symposium, the Kepler Conference Online Research Forum, and for the The Mountain Astrologer magazine. 

Luncheon        Room:  Emerald III

Donnah Youngblood: The Galactic Center, The Message From Beyond     Sunday 1:15-2:00                       

So many secrets to learn, so little time. The transistor of the Milky Way sends messages about the past, present and the future.  Listen


SESSION #10   3:00 - 4:15 PM

Track #1          Room:  Emerald #2

Susie Cox: Astro*Carto*Graphy Forecasting . . . Or Where to Go and When!

What happens when your clients ask you, "Where is the best place for me to travel, and when?" Many of my clients want a yearly travel itinerary using astrology, so I’ve developed an easy style for them to use. Now I can share with you my forecasting technique regarding travel. So, if you want a fresh look at Astro*Carto*Graphy with a focus on forecasting, this is the lecture for you!

Track #2          Room:  Balboa #2

April Elliot Kent: Meeting "The One": The Astrology of Fateful First Encounters

Will you recognize the love of your life the moment you meet? Have you already met them without knowing it? What if you were born on opposite sides of the world—what mighty astrological forces would it take to bring you together? My clients wanted to know and so did I. So I collected survey responses about the moment they actually met their partner, spouse, or “the one who got away.” I’ll share what the charts of these meetings have to say about these fateful encounters.

Track #3          Demetrius Bagley:  Balboa #1

Demetrius Bagley: Inclusion Imperative: Starshine 2020's Data Collecting Year One

The Starshine 2020 project combines astrology’s ongoing need to receive famous people’s birth data using the great many digital tools available today with the recent #blacklivesmatter movement. This project aims to gather at least 2,000 famous living black people’s birth data, and then web publish year forecasts ahead of each entrant's birthday. This talk will review the Starshine team’s first year success and challenges around data collecting, forecasting, publishing, crowdfunding, and publicizing this project. It will also peek ahead at Years Two-Five.

Track #4          Room:  Emerald #3

Anne Ortelee: The Ninth Harmonic Forecasts Applied to Your Natal Chart

The Ninth Harmonic, in the Tropical (Western) system, is used to highlight, display and define your karmic purpose on Earth. Used in conjunction with your natal chart, the Ninth Harmonic chart offers expert guidance from your soul on how to overcome the difficulties, delays and situations the natal chart describes, but doesn't necessarily solve. Often, people find living their Ninth Harmonic chart keeps their lives more in the flow. Applying transits to the Ninth Harmonic shows major phases, changes and transitions in your spiritual life and karma.

Track #5          Room:  Emerald #1

Nick Dagan Best: Uranus and the Nation State: Divergence from the Past

Recurring themes relating to various modern nation states are examined relative to the 84-year transit of Uranus through the twelve signs of the tropical zodiac over the last 250 years. Special attention is paid to the repeated aspectual relationships Uranus makes with the cycles of other planets.

Track #6    Room:  Laguna Beach

William R. Levacy, Ph.D.: Forecasting with the Navamsa—Harmonizing with the Future.

According to Vedic shastras, accurate forecasts are not achieved without concurrently analyzing the position of planets in the Navamsa chart. The Navamsa, or one-ninth divisional chart, has a harmonic, sympathetic resonance with the natal chart. The Navamsa varga uncovers hidden meanings and deepens forecasts for various activities and time periods.  This class will examine underlying principles for the interpretation of Navamsa, indicating correlations with the birth chart, especially in support of locating the years of significant life events.





            Emcee:  Ray Merriman

            Panelists:   Joni Patry, Marc Penfield, Lee Lehman, Sandra-Leigh Serio, Nina Gryphon,    Chris Brennan