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Day 5 - Schedule


Monday, October 17th    


9:00 AM – 4:00 PM: ISAR Competency Exam:  Fountain Terrace Room


POST SYMPOSIUM WORKSHOPS:  Monday, October 17th   10:00 AM - 2:00 PM


Demetra George:  Emerald #3

Progressed Lunation Phases: A Modern Western Time Lord System

The progressed Sun/Moon lunation phases illuminate the rhythm of how our evolving life purpose unfolds over the course of our lives in three 30-year cycles from emergence to fulfillment to completion, each successive round going deeper into the underlying significance of our soul’s intention. Everyone who pre-registers and sends their birth data to before October 7th will receive a report giving the dates of their progressed lunation phases so this can be a hands-on workshop of personal exploration and realization.


Lee Lehman:  Emerald #1

Astrology and Self Care

Today, as we have recovered more of the historical works in our own field, we now have the background to combine these ancient medical ideas with astrology to design for  wellness and stress reduction. The elements can be combined with astrological herbalism to help us explore lifestyle choices. We will explore methods for stress reduction, and  also integrate interior toxicity considerations based on their astrological temperaments. Living well means living smart.


Sandra-Leigh Serio:  Balboa #2

Four Tools for Accurate Forecasting

There are four essential tools that have to be considered and integrated for successful forecasting results. All have to be present if an event or significant experience is to occur. These four are: natal promise, progressions, transits and eclipses. This workshop will explain these techniques and use charts from case studies and as time permits, also use charts of attendees to ascertain unfolding events or analyze events that have already occurred. 


Mark Jones:  Room: Balboa I

Transformational Astrology: Window to the True Self

In this workshop, astrologer and psychotherapist Mark Jones explores Dane Rudhyar’s work on outer planets as higher octaves of their inner counterparts.  Uranus to Mercury; Mars to Pluto; and Venus to Neptune. This work informs a simple yet profound technique allowing the birth-chart to serve as window to the soul's true nature.  Informative examples from Mark’s extensive client work will be utilized to illuminate the material.


Gloria Star:  Emerald #2

The Nodes Know, the Eclipses Show: Destiny, Opportunity and Renewal

The Nodes of the Moon serve as doorways to understanding the qualities of life many of us think of as destiny. Of course, the Nodes are also tied to eclipses, and integrating those cycles, we can see patterns that help us become more clear about fate and free will. As astrologers, we learn that have the power to shape our destiny through the choices we make. This workshop concentrates on working with the natal positions of the Moon's Nodes, adds Nodal cycles and integrates Solar and Lunar Eclipses as forecasting tools.


10:00 AM – 4:00 PM: ISAR Competency Exam:  Fountain Terrace Room