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Cadent Houses – Behind the Scenes of Action

Richard Smooth

Friday, June 1, 2018 08:00 PM EDT (check your time zone)
Cadent Houses – Behind the Scenes of Action
Cadent Houses – Behind the Scenes of Action

Simple in concept, Angular, Succedent and Cadent houses are the basis of understanding the power each house has on the next house. There would be no development or growth if it were not for the Cadent houses.
The fundamental nature of the Cadent houses is that each is the 12th house of its adjacent angle. How we move through these transcending periods are key to our growth and development. How we handle that transfer will affect our attitudes and behaviors in the next quadrant and throughout the entire evolution of our life.
In this lecture we will learn…

  • how the structure of the house in each quadrant flows and builds experiences in an orderly fashion
  • how a Cadent house “falls from grace” as it gives way to its subsequent angle.
  • to use the concept of Cadent houses as being the “hidden” 12th house power behind the emergence of action in the next quadrant.
  • the importance of the Cadent houses in developing our destiny in life

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Richard Smooth

Richard’s passion has been to study astrology and human behavior that goes back to 1971. An uber Aries armed with a Virgo Ascendant, Richard has a zest for service, doing what he can in teaching, training and certification with OPA, NCGR, and ISAR. Richard is ISAR’s Operation Manager, publisher of the ISAR International Astrologer; and...

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Oner Doser - Saturn in Capricorn and its Global Impacts on World Economics
Oner Doser - Saturn in Capricorn and its Global Impacts on World Economics

 This year, for the third and the last time Saturn will reach the same degree of it was on the Great Depression chart on November 18, 2017. 

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Greg Bogart - Simplified Daily Horary
Greg Bogart - Simplified Daily Horary

Astrology is above all a study of effectiveness in life, and I’ll discuss one way to achieve that, through a technique we can use to guide our daily actions and sharpen our responsiveness to evolutionary lessons. 

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Pinar Selcuk - A Genius Beyond It's Time: Al-Biruni
Pinar Selcuk - A Genius Beyond It's Time: Al-Biruni

Following the zodiac signs, Biruni has revealed the charasteristics of the planets. He classified the planets as malefic – benefic, male – female, day – night and stated which planets to be in ruler position...

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Michael Lutin - Humans Rising
Michael Lutin - Humans Rising

Prenatal, Natal and Progressed Aspects in the Evolution of our Species: The obvious but often overlooked secret factors that define and predict the path of a lifetime. Is it Choice? Or Obedience? Or merely Escape from Emptiness?

Kelly Surtees - The Temperaments and Our Collective Shift from Water to Fire
Kelly Surtees - The Temperaments and Our Collective Shift from Water to Fire

What are the four temperaments? How do they reflect the fundamental qualities of hot, dry, wet and cold – and what do these mean? Exploring how working with some of these essential first principles can provide a nuanced and rich approach to both natal and predictive work. Discussing how temperament sets tone and qualifies chart themes, as well as modifies aspect interpretation. You’ll also learn the hot, dry, wet, cold qualities of the Sun and Moon, based on sign and phase. The collective shift from water to fire in 2015 will also be touched on.


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What Can We Truly Say About Twins?
What Can We Truly Say About Twins?

Do people born at the same time and place with the same astrological birth chart – whether biological or astrological twins – have the same personality traits and life course?

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Health Editor Slams Astrology’s Critics
Health Editor Slams Astrology’s Critics

In this study, not only did the birth month impact personality, it also resulted in measurable functional changes in the brain.

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Who Believes in Astrology?
Who Believes in Astrology?

No matter how you tweak it there doesn’t appear to be a simple answer to this question. Nicholas Campion describes his research and some conclusions he’s arrived at on the subject.

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Anne Ortelee - Planets as People

Transits and Progressions to our natal charts often appear in our lives as people. People bring us relationships to learn from. Relationships help us self-actualize and individuate. We reach our natal potential through relationships ~ good or bad. We’ll cover the different kinds of relationships symbolized by each planet plus tips and techniques to work with the person/planet standing before you once you figure out WHICH planet they embody.  

Arielle Guttman - The Venus Star Point

The Venus Star Point, based on the book Venus Star Rising, is a new astrological tool that is both elegantly simple and quite profound. The Venus Star Point® provides valuable insights in personal chart work and puts a vibrant spin on relationship dynamics. Learn your placement on the pentagram of Venus and how each of the points interact with one another to chart the important relationships of your life.

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Book reviews

Astrology Realized

by Nadiya Shah

One Body, Many Illnesses
by Alan R. Wheatcroft
Planetary Hours
by Bob Makransky

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