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Raymond Merriman

​Raymond Merriman is President of the Merriman Market Analyst, Inc., and editor of MMA Cycles Report, a monthly report for traders. He is the author of several financial astrology books, including The Ultimate Books on Stock Market Timing, Volumes 1-5 (1997-2011). He is a licensed CTA (Commodities Trading Advisor) and has also served as President for the International Society for Astrological Research (ISAR, Inc.), from 1994-2000, and again from 2002-2008. Merriman received the Marion D. March Regulus Award for "Professionalism in Astrology" in 1995.

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  1. Why Sun Signs or Sun position in natal horoscope is important and what that can tell us?
    The Sun sign is important because it is the one astrological factor that everyone can easily determine, even without the study of astrology. That is because the sun sign is an annual phenomenon. That is, every year the Sun is in the same sign on almost the exact same dates. The date it enters and exits each sign might vary by one day from one year to the next, but the vast majority of the time the sun will occupy the same sign for the other 28-30 days of that period. Thus the Sun sign is like a “gateway” to the relationship of the cosmos to the individual. It is our connection to the infinite universe.

    Besides that, the Sun is essential to life on Earth, literally and astrologically. We cannot exist without the Sun. It is the source of life and the essence of growth. Everything grows towards the Sun. The same is true in astrology. The location of the Sun in a chart reveals pathways of individual growth (by house position) and the means (attitudes) by which we develop our character to assist in this growth process, as shown by the sign the Sun is in.
    Thus, just by knowing one’s birthdate, we know that person’s sun sign, and a part of their personal qualities that can assist in their pathway to growth, happiness and success in life.

  2. What is the essence of Sign of Capricorn?
    To control the world and everyone in it! To define the boundaries by which no one can pass!

    Well, seriously, the essence of Capricorn is control and the determination of boundaries, but mainly for themselves. You see, Capricorns need to master self-control and they do this by disciplining themselves to act and think in ways that produce results. The assign boundaries, mainly to themselves, so they don’t become too dispersed and wasteful with the expenditures of their own limited energy. They strive to achieve maximum results or accomplishment with the most conservative and efficient expenditure of energy. Capricorn is all about producing and manifesting something – anything – that it defines to be of “use.” The use may be for itself or others to whom it feels a duty or responsibility. This is why Capricorns cannot easily commit to things: they want to be sure it will be worth the effort they will put forth, and it will achieve the desired end result, which must then be something lasting, because Capricorns are also about legacies (doing things that have a lasting value).

    The essence of Capricorn is the direct opposite of “wasteful.” They can be intolerant of wasting time and effort on something that bears no fruit. Get to the point. Define the goal (it must be useful) and create the plan to accomplish it in a timely manner. Along the way, you better attract others to work with who 1) are competent and 2) are not high maintenance. Capricorns want to do things simply and without a lot of complications and complex personal issues interfering with the process. In this regard, they function best with people who are honest and open with them.

  3. What is the best thing and strongest quality of sign of Capricorn?
    They get it done. They produce. They are useful and accomplish things that are useful for others. They are responsible. They are honest and fair.

  4. What is the weakness of the sign of Capricorn?
    They can create stress on themselves and others when they are behind schedule, or if something gets delayed, or done improperly. They hate to have to do something all over again, especially if it is because someone who failed to do their part well. They have little tolerance for people who can’t or don’t deliver what they promised at the time they promised, and to others that can seem cold. But in reality they are not cold at all. They can be very warm when everyone does the job well. They give credit to others who deserve it, rather than claiming it for themselves.

  5. What did you learn from your Sign?
    I learned that I get better as I get older. I become more tolerant of others, but more importantly, of myself and my own limitations. I learn to accept my shortcomings and even to see them as strengths instead of weaknesses.

  6. What is the Sign(s) you deal the best with and what is the heaviest sign for you and why do you think is that?
    Hmmmm… that is hard question. I think I get along with all signs. Perhaps earth signs are easiest for me to work with, because I find them sensible and practical and like myself, they value a job well done. It is easy to define the project and the means to get it done.

    Air signs are perhaps harder for me to deal with because if I don’t get their attention right away, it seems that the issue is quickly forgotten by them. I find it hard when I expect someone to get back to me as they said they would, but then they don’t, and that seems to happen a lot with air sign types. It also seems to happen that they often interpret the agreement of what they are to do differently than was discussed, and this becomes hard for a Capricorn because you did your work according to this understanding, but they did something else (or nothing in some cases), and thus the project didn’t get done right. And then they have these excuses – always excuses when something didn’t go right. I find this happens a lot between air signs and myself (Capricorn) unless I keep on them constantly, which I don’t like because it is a giant waste of time. But outside of work, I like air signs a lot. They are fun and easy to socialize with for me.

    On a personal and social level, I probably get along with water signs the best, especially Cancer and Pisces. Perhaps it is because my Capricorn parental instincts come out and I want to protect them. They seem to have been hurt or taken advantage of a lot in life. I would probably feel this towards Scorpio too, but they don’t need parenting. In fact, it seems they resent parenting, so for me, the issue never comes up with Scorpios. It is all very adult, except when they try to out-control the Capricorn. Then it gets very interesting.

    But fire signs are probably my weakness. I find them very attractive, probably because they seem like the brats of the zodiac, and I like brats on a personal and social level. I like the fire energy. But I have problems with them too because they demand a lot of attention and recognition, and if they didn’t earn the praise they desire, it becomes problematic. Sometimes there is just a difference in perception of the usefulness of what they really did. They think it is great, and sometimes I beg to differ, perhaps more so with Leo types than others. But how can you not love a Leo? You just have to be careful in working relationships with them, because if you are not careful, you will end up serving them and doing all the work that they get credit for. And of course they don’t see it that way at all.

  7. What did you learn from other signs?
    Everything. From Aries I learned the importance of ambition. From Taurus I learned the importance of creating time and activities for pleasure and relaxation. From Geminis the thrill of brainstorming and new ideas. Cancers taught me the importance of loyalty in relations. Leos taught the importance of always putting on your best face and bringing happiness and laughter to every room you enter. They too taught me the value of loyalty to those you love. Virgos taught me the importance of being and doing the best you can with your craft at every instance and don’t make mistakes. Libra’s taught me the importance of looking good and making others look good; Scorpio taught the value in shifting into overdrive to finish a job, even when you are totally exhausted…. Just get it done. Sagittarius taught me the value of thinking big and not letting the small details upset me as long as we were still on track for the bigger goals. Capricorns taught me the importance of ordering priorities according to health first, career and finances second, relationships and love third, but to understand that each is dependent upon the other. In this regard, Capricorns taught me the meaning and value of love, and that comes first from respecting yourself. In fact, Capricorns taught the importance of sex in a balanced, loving relationship, without being possessive or jealous. Aquarians taught me the importance of friendship. And Pisces introduced me to the thrills of romance and infatuation as well as the importance of self-sacrifice and the joy of helping others.

  8. What other signs can learn from sign of Capricorn?
    Every sign can learn from Capricorn. Capricorns can be strong role models for others in many fields of human activity. Others can learn the value of honor and honesty from Capricorns. They can learn the joy of staying with a project until it is completed, and the importance of always doing your best effort when called upon. They can learn the importance of being responsible to yourself, your own word, and to others that you make commitments to, especially in regards to work.