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Dorothy Oja, ISAR C.A.P., Career astrologer with an international clientele -- Dorothy is an exciting, knowledgeable consultant/lecturer/writer. Authored computer interpretive reports/Kepler software: Compatibility & Conflict for Romantic, and Business/Friendship relationships. Book in progress on her original technique, Planetary Resonance. Since 1997, she’s published Planet Weather ezine, and podcasts. Specialties: research dates for surgery and other events, relationship analysis, political/cultural/mundane commentary, child profiles. Community service: Legal and Ethics. Currently, ISAR Board member, Chair of Ethics Mediation Committee and Ethics Awareness Training.

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  1. Why are Sun Signs or the Sun’s position in the natal horoscope important and what can that tell us?
    Everyone knows their Sun sign, whether they are an astrologer, have consulted an astrologer, or never met an astrologer! I find that to be amazing! Ask anyone and they can tell you what their Sun-sign is! It’s pervasive in society and a piece of information everyone has. The Sun is the core, the essence – all the other planets are attempting to assist the purpose of life indicated by the Sun sign. Because the Sun is the star in our solar system, it represents life, without it we would freeze.  Although we are always demonstrating our chart patterns in everything we do, the qualities of the Sun are more evident, more obvious. The Sun represents where and how, with what special characteristics one can shine and bring light or consciousness to self and others. 
  2. What is the essence of the Sign of Leo?
    Leo is ruled by the Sun, which is technically a “light” and not a planet at all. Leos do have their special “light” or warmth to shine on others and the world – although at times it can become extreme and excessive, as is the case with all the fixed signs. Leo being a fixed fire sign can burn and also burn out. Leo represents the development of ego and the will. When Leo is excessive, its charming child-like quality can become childish petulance and stubborn indignation, which is often a cover-up for a bruised ego, feeling unappreciated, ignored, or feeling unloved and unlovable. Leo is proud and has a dignity that can inspire others to express themselves and honor their own creative gifts. Essentially Leo is creative and that creativity can express itself in a wide range of ways. Leo needs to feel it has a unique place in life, a stage upon which to play and express itself, love to share, and a cherished place in someone’s heart. 
  3. What is the best and strongest quality of the sign of Leo?
    Remembering the magic and spontaneity of being a child, living in wonderment at the simplest things in life – remembering the pure joy of a sunset, Leo glories in the gift that life is and embraces it with an open heart. Another side of Leo is accepting the full spectrum of life, including the days when the “Sun” won’t shine – life is made up of many seasons and varied weather and Leo knows that the show must go on, even when circumstances are not what we ideally want them to be. The root of all this is love and loyalty expressed in appreciation, radiant warmth and creative intent.
  4. What is the weakness of the sign of Leo?
    As with any sign, its strength is also its weakness when carried too far. Simply place the word ‘over’ in front of any Cancerian attribute and one can glimpse the problem, e.g., oversensitive, overprotective, or overemotional. Cancer’s sensitivity to rejection and its worry of hurting others can incline it to timidity, shyness, and inauthenticity, especially when the Sun is in this sign. Moon Cancer would obviously work better since Cancer’s strengths are utilized in the service of a (lunar) function that requires exactly those traits that Cancer has. The Sun, however, requires traits that are distinctly different from Cancer; thus, its functionality is compromised and inhibited.
    It should be emphasized, however, that a sign’s ‘weakness’ is not so much an inherent property as a consequence of its lack of integration with other parts of the personality. People can express any sign badly – either too much or too little – but that’s not the fault of the sign. Note how I’m being protective of signs!
    The weakness of Leo may be its intrinsic need to be loved above all else. The excessive need for this can shape its destiny, flavor its actions and derail its goals. It can mean demanding love and appreciation rather than earning it. It can inflate the ego into making unreasonable and stubborn demands, and it can mean compromising other core values to get the love and adulation it craves. Stubborn pride leading to an inability to back down can make for some serious problems in Leo’s life. There’s a fine line between standing your ground and simply being intractable.
  5. What have you learned from your Sign?
    Where the Sun is located in the chart adds another dimension to the Sun sign, of course. My Sun is in House 12 conjunct Saturn - so my tendency is to take a philosophical and compassionate approach. It also means that I tend toward idealism and am disappointed when others don’t meet the high ideal I may aspire to, or if I fail to meet the high goals I’ve set for myself.
    I have learned to endure and be consistent, to “show up,” to be present, to be loyal, to stand up for what and whom I love and believe in. I’ve learned that love is not always enough and that sometimes loving means letting go. Love and loving transforms and heals us, I have learned that too. Having loved and lost is better than never having loved at all and that it is always worth taking a chance on love, even if you’ve been hurt before. Life is not worthwhile without love or creativity, and love is limitless and can be expressed every minute of every day in endless ways toward everyone.
  6. What is the Sign(s) you deal the best with and what is the most difficult sign for you and why?
    All signs are a slice of life and offer a unique perspective. Being a fire sign, I enjoy other fire and air signs easily, since they tend to be more naturally expressive and enthusiastic and we operate on a similar wavelength. However, I love the earth and water signs for their patience, caring and steadiness, they ground me and remain when the other air and fire signs run off for more excitement and adventure! Our personal chart configurations bring us in contact with more of some signs than others. Aquarians are abundant in my life and I have many family members who are Aquarians. I appreciate their Dr. Spock logic and acceptance of eccentricity, including their own. I get along well with Scorpios because I love their depth and willingness to probe beneath the surface. I have some of my best conversations with Scorpios. 
  7. What have you learned from other signs?
    I love this question because it points to the essence of astrology which is to learn tolerance for differing ways to both express energy and to hold a life perspective. Other than the signs discussed in the previous question - the wit of Gemini, its curiosity and stream of consciousness language delight me and sometimes annoy me. I admire Capricorn for its drive to achieve and its single-minded ability to plan. Virgos’ sensibilities, humility and matter-of-fact practicality are refreshing. Aries are fun, active and ready to go, but sometimes they won’t wait for others to catch up. I’ve learned to appreciate Taurus for their steadfastness and the knack they have for creating comfort in the most mundane of situations. My Pisces friends have tender-hearts and are very wise. They say amazing things and tolerate diverse perspectives and conundrums. The Cancers I know are caring, of course, and always want to know what’s going on with my feelings, even when I don’t want to talk about them – then they pout! With Libras I find once they’ve created a relationship with you, they work diligently to maintain it and call regularly to get together. Sagittarians make me laugh and it seems all their conversation is geared to get that reaction. My Leo friends are my natural play buddies unless we have different ideas of what we want to do!
  8. What can other signs learn from the sign of Leo?
    The purest part of Leo is to radiate love, light and warmth, energy that allows creativity to flourish. Using these qualities can ideally allow others to shine and feel comfortable expressing themselves. Fire is naturally warming and a radiant Leo smile can thaw the coolest heart. Other signs have Leo somewhere in the wheel of their chart and they can learn that it is essential to be generous of heart and to be thankful when someone gives to you. Leo can remind us to appreciate the precious gift of being alive, that we are here to be the best we can be by developing our talents and generously help others along the way, in so far as we are able. Leo says chose the role you want to play and play it well. Be who you are!